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Providing Denture Care Solutions Since 1944. For over 70 years, patients have trusted our family at Deegan Denture Clinics to provide remarkable denture care solutions. Our professional, multi-generational team of staff are dedicated to delivering flawless results and new smiles to all. Honourably carrying the Deegan family legacy forward, our clinic is proud to offer an abundant amount of denture services, catered to meet our patient’s individual needs.


Same Day Denture Service

Our professional team of experts offer same day repair services on most dentures. In most cases, we’ll even have your dentures finished in a matter of hours! No matter how big or small your problem is, we promise to provide you with the best care possible.

Complete Dentures

These are the perfect solution for anyone who’s lost teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or gum disease. Complete Dentures are meant to aid patient’s day-to-day functions such as eating and speaking, while restoring confidence with a smile they deserve!

Partial Dentures

Count on our partial dentures to help you restore that perfect smile! Easily attachable to any existing teeth, these dentures help reestablish the lives and confidence of those who have permanently lost one or more of their teeth.


Immediate Dentures

Whether you’ve suffered from severe tooth decay, injury or gum disease in the past, immediate dentures will put all your problems to sleep. Offering an immediate, post extraction solution, patients who choose these dentures will never have to go without teeth!

Implant Dentures

Don’t let your dentures hold you back! If you are lacking the security and support you need to feel comfortable in your dentures, ask us about implants! Deegan Denture Clinics proudly hosts two of the most proficient Implants Specialists in the Durham Region, at our Oshawa location.

Soft Liner

Leave your days of discomfort behind you with our innovative permanent soft liner solution! It provides relief for denture owners suffering from chronic soreness and sensitive gums. Get started today!


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