Complete Dentures

Deegan Denture Clinics is committed to delivering flawless smiles to their patients.

Whether you’ve lost your teeth due to injury, tooth decay or gum disease, our staff is here to help. We understand that the thought of replacing your teeth is a stressful process which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing our patients with a hassle-free experience, paired with the highest quality of service.

As masters of the industry, we’d recommend complete dentures to patients who need help restoring day-to-day functions such as eating and speaking. While processing times vary from patient to patient (or denturist to denturist), the average process typically takes approximately 2-3 weeks. At Deegan Denture Clinics, all our patients walk out with new found confidence and a beautiful smile, all within a month! Contact 1 of our 5 convenient locations today to get started!

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Proudly Providing Denture Care Solutions Since 1944.

For over 70 years now, patients have trusted our family at Deegan Denture Clinics to provide remarkable denture care solutions. Our professional, multi-generational team of staff are dedicated to delivering flawless results and new smiles to all. Honourably carrying the Deegan family legacy forward, our clinic is proud to offer an abundant amount of denture services, catered to meet our patient’s individual needs.

At Deegan Denture Clinics, we understand that every patient has their own unique needs and expectations for their dentures. Our patients can rest assured knowing that their dentures are personalized specifically for them throughout our process:

Step one: We use our patient’s mouths as a model and take impressions of the upper and lower arches. During that same visit, the Denturist will take a 2nd impression using more accurate materials to ensure optimum fit upon delivery.

Step two: At the patient’s next appointment, they can expect to personalize the shape and colour of their dentures teeth and gums. We not only strive to restore our patients smiles, but also their original bite!

Step three: During subsequent visits, our highly trained staff will continue to check and adjust the dentures accordingly and provide thorough testing. We check our patient’s speaking abilities and the appearance and functionality of the denture as time goes on.

At Deegan Denture Clinics, we don’t just rely on the approval of our Denturists. This means we don’t process any changes without your knowledge, and every step is approved by you!

At Deegan Denture Clinics, we understand that what works for your friends may not always work for you! Every denture is made with different materials and different techniques. If you are unsure of what denture option is best suited for your lifestyle, feel free to contact one of our highly skilled BSP Certified Denturists with your questions.

While we make every effort to ensure the delivery of a good and functional denture, please remember that there is no such thing as a perfect one! New dentures will take some time to get used to and will require a bit of use before feeling comfortable. Patients can also expect to attend follow up appointments for potential adjustments.

Due to the differences in jaw shapes and muscle movement (of the tongue and cheek) a lower denture is typically harder to keep in the mouth in comparison to an upper denture.

It is important to remember that adjusting to new dentures is a process; and the process takes time.

Watch how to care for your dentures: