Soft Liner

If you suffer from chronic soreness, sharp bony gums, or severely receded/flat gums that can’t tolerate the stress of existing dentures, a permanent soft liner might be the perfect solution for you.

While a significant number of denture owners will experience chronic discomfort at least once in their life, many have reported experiencing great relief after switching to soft liners as they allow long-term denture wearers to chew food more comfortably.

For individuals who suffer from sensitive gums, clinical studies report soft liners as a highly tolerable solution fit for almost everyone! To speak to a denturist about getting a soft liner, call 1 of our 5 convenient locations or fill out our contact form below. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

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Unlike other dentures, soft liners require a higher maintenance regime. You will need to keep them clean using proper cleaners, as well as expect regular follow-up visits with their Denturist.

At your follow-up, the denturist will closely examine the fit and condition of your dentures, as well as the health of the your oral tissues.

Watch how to care for your dentures: